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We know that every Magento project requires making hundreds of decisions. From choosing an appropriate web hosting company to integrating additional features and advanced functionality, you need to find the right solutions for your business that will lead you to the targeted result. But sometimes it can be difficult, so having at hand this weekly digest with such useful tutorials, eCommerce articles and marketing blog posts can help you to find necessary advices and make necessary decisions.

So check out our new digest and stay updated:

  • Next big thing: Meet Magento World Conference – Connecting people all over the world!
    Last week Guido Jansen announced the Meet Magento World - an online conference that everyone can join anywhere in the world.
  • Magento 2.0.6 Security Update Announced
    Focusing on critical security and functionality updates, Magento has released version 2.0.6 of both the Enterprise and Community Editions.
  • Magento U: Magento 2 Training Advances for Developers
    If you are new to Magento and need to gain essential skills in implementing and customizing solutions on the Magento 2.0 platform, this Boot Camp Magento Course will make it easy for developers to learn Magento 2 and get more practical exercises.
  • Beware, OMGcommerce is Approaching
    Enjoy the biggest conference on the digital economy, trade and tourism in Southern Europe that will take place in Zagreb, on 1-2 June.
  • How To Use Custom JavaScript in Magento 2
    In this tutorial you’ll be shown how you can use custom JavaScript components in Magento 2.
  • How to Сonfigure Magento Сron Job
    For better Magento performance it’s necessary to configure cron job correctly, so check out this useful tutorial that includes all explanations and useful recommendations.
  • Meet Magento Association Interview Decathlon: Annemarie Hache
    In this brief interview you’ll find some interesting facts about life and work of Annemarie Hache that is a part of the Meet Magento Team.
  • 4 Ways to Increase Multi-unit Sales
    This blog article contains some great examples to show you the the benefit of multi-unit sales when you can incentivize your customers to build larger baskets.
  • Top 10 Tips When Launching Magento 2.0 Extensions: Over- Inform
    Here’s one more tip from valued Magento developers that reveals to give your customers detailed information and proper documentation on your extensions.
  • Could Guided Selling Help Your Ecommerce Store?
    Guiding selling solution could help your online business, but it takes time to set up and integrate it according your targets and resources.
  • 5 Tips for Successful e-Commerce Video Marketing
    Find out what useful tips you need to implement in order to create a video marketing strategy for your e-Commerce store.
  • Creating Facebook Lookalike Audiences with Behavior Targeting
    Learn more about Facebook advertising work and how to make it successful when you are only targeting option is behavior choices.