Free Magento Themes

In fact Magento is the most popular ecommerce platform in the world. It has a whole bunch of awesome features out of the box so you can just install it, choose one of the paid or free magento themes and start selling online! Apparently you would need to spend some time for configuring your store but the point is that you can run your business online in a few hours using responsive free magento theme.

We've created a lot of premium magento templates and below you can find some of them, which we want to share with you for free. Themes presented here are not just created like a free stuff, all of them were sold and a lot of stores online use them, so that’s why I think here you can find best free magento themes.

All themes includes database dump file so you can install and configure them in just a few clicks.

Candybox - free magento theme

Cranberries - free magento theme

Hillside - free magento theme

Imagination - free magento theme

Lookbook - free magento template

Redress - free magento template

Redshop - free magento template

Viking - free magento template

Just in case, I’d like to note that free magento templates here might be outdated a bit and it can take a while to get them working on the latest versions of Magento CE. Unfortunately our support doesn’t cover any questions about these free themes.

The difference between free and paid premium magento themes

Free templates don’t get any updates. You can use them “as is”. Our premium magento themes always get updates and support the latest versions of magento CE
All free themes has been created a long time ago and code wasn’t updates a long time ago too, paid themes we update often.
We suport only paid themes.

Take a look at some our paid magento themes