Visual Customizer for Magento

When you are setting up your new online store, it’s necessary to make some editing changes and personalize it in the way you like. Sometimes it can be tricky if you are just a beginner and not familiar with HTML and CSS. But with our helpful extension you don’t need to dig into the code, you can customize your design just from the browser without any additional technical skills.

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The best way to customize your Magento store

With the help of this tool you can simply modify your website’s interface as well as add a creative touch into your online store. Just a few clicks in a browser and your store will get a new look and feel! Watch this quick introductory video to have a brief overview how many tweaks you can do with this great extension

Easy installation

Using Magento Connect manager you can simply install this module and implement it without any specific PHP knowledge.

Right after installation you can start editing any page of your online store by selecting any area that you need to restyle.

Unlimited Colors

The extension perfectly works using CSS files which are installed in your theme, so you can refine any element of your online store on the fly.

With this helpful tool you can quickly and easily manage color palettes and highlight any design element, background or text.

Feel free to experiment and explore new color shades which may bring stylish and effective view to your website design.

100% of themes compatibility

This extension is fully compatible with any Magento theme from any provider. It means wherever you bought a pre-made template for your online store, Visual Customizer will work perfectly with any Magento design.

No Coding Skills Required

Using this extension you will be able to customize each design element right in the browser without code editing. You can set up such important CSS properties as background color, text color, fonts as well as adjust position, filter, animation and much more

Google Fonts

According to your website’s design, you can choose your favorite Google font from a wide list of popular web-fonts in order to give your web project more expressive and stylish look

Switch over devices

You can create unique layout, different color scheme and basically сhange an overall structure for each device whether it’s a tablet, laptop or desktop. Keep your store looking best way on any gadgets!

User Friendly Interface

The extension has an intuitive interface to let you focus on editing process and provide you with a perfect user experience while customizing

  • Compatible With:
    Magento CE, Magento CE, Magento CE, Magento CE, Magento CE, Magento CE, Magento CE, Magento CE, Magento CE, Magento CE, Magento CE, Magento CE, Magento CE
  • Browsers Compatibility:
    Chrome, Firefox